Do You Believe in Luck?

I believe that we create our own luck. I think that if you stop to help someone shovel their driveway or return something someone has lost, for example, that positive energy will make its way back to you, maybe in the form of someone else helping you out.

For me, symbols of luck like a four leaf clover are merely reminders, making me pause when I’m tempted to rush past. Will that person get their car out of the snow without me? Probably. But maybe with my help they can get it out sooner and avoid the stress of being late to wherever they’re going. If it also makes me late, then I probably should have left earlier.

Not my best photography, but I didn't want to spook it!

My lucky symbols also serve as a reminder to stop and smell the proverbial roses. I’ve caught myself sometimes rushing through my day, completing my to-do list, without really seeing or appreciating anything around me. Once, as I rushed to the bus stop, I ran right past a gorgeous owl sitting on a fence. I was probably 20 feet away before I realized what I had just seen and circled back to really look at this amazing creature. Luckily, I didn’t miss the bus that day, but I should have (it was late). Now I try to plan my days with a little more wiggle room so that I can enjoy walking from one place to another, appreciate the world around me, and not feel rushed if I do stop to appreciate something or help someone.

Lucky symbols rings

My lucky symbols collection currently consists of earrings and rings featuring a ladybug, a horseshoe and a four leaf clover (I’ll write their stories individually in other posts), but I’d love to add more symbols (maybe an owl!) and maybe make them into charms for bracelets or necklaces as well. Are there any other symbols or options you would like to see?